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Location: Patricia Nelson’s farm, 12400 County Rd 4NE, Spicer, MN
Hours:  9:00 – 4:00
Dates:   July 9 and 10, 2018 (Monday and Tuesday)

Set on the beautiful farm site of Patricia Nelson, this workshop is bound to be a real winner!  The subject will be the magnificent barn and the surroundings.   We’ll also be working with a charcoal pour as a preparation for our paintings.  This is such a fun process, and very easy!  We will actually be pouring a big bucket of water onto a surface that has charcoal powder sprinkled on it.  While waiting for the charcoal surface to dry, Karen will share how to make wire drawings.  This is a fun process where we use permanent markers to draw an image that ends up looking like a wire sculpture.  We will be drawing dragonflies. 

After the charcoal surface is dry, we will be adding watercolor.  We will sketch our landscape outside, while taking in the beautiful barn on Patricia’s farm.  (Students may remain inside and work from photographs if they prefer.)  Then we will move back inside to complete our paintings.  Karen Knutson is a very popular watercolor instructor, who believes that painting should be fun, and gives lots of individual help.  She is known for her enthusiastic demonstrations and lessons in good design.  All students must bring a card table and a chair with them, as our workshop site is the original farmhouse. Get ready for a great adventure! 

Contact:  Patricia Nelson
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