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Supply List

Supply list for Watercolor and Wire Drawing Zoom Workshop (through Littleton, CO)



  1. 1 full sheet cold press paper.  ( I use Arches 140 lb. but you can work on whatever paper you’d like)  We will divide this in class.  We will be working on paintings that are size 11” x 15”,  (or smaller), so bring a foam core board or other support about 12” x 16”, for attaching paper to.


  1. Bring your palette filled with your usual colors.  Because everyone always asks, my palette is as follows.  I use mainly transparent colors.  (Please do not feel that you must go out and buy these colors.  The most important 5 colors are listed first.) Aureolin yellow, permanent rose (or DaVinci red rose deep), cobalt blue, winsor green, alizarin crimson, antwerp blue,  French ultramarine blue, manganese blue, cerulean blue, quinacridone gold, burnt sienna, permanent magenta, winsor red, neutral tint, and scarlet lake. 


  1. Watercolor brushes (bring your favorites) I use 1” flat and ½ “flat, and a small (#6) round brush.   

  2. Palette knife (make sure it’s thin enough to fit into the neck of the masking fluid bottle.). You can use a plastic knife if you want.



  1. Water containers (old Cool Whip containers work great) bring 2. 

  2. Toothbrush

  3. Sponge or rag for wiping off your brushes. Masking tape. 

  4. Sketch pad or notebook for taking notes. 

  5. Fine and ultra fine black permanent marker ( I like Twin Top Sharpie markers, available at office supply stores.)

  6. 2  Pencil and eraser 

  7. Tracing paper 

  8. Graphite paper (Saral graphite colored brand is my favorite- available at Dick Blick art supply stores) 

  9. Ruler 

  10. Masking fluid.   (I use Pebeo brand, because of its fluidity and that it is grey in color.) 

  11. Kleenex brand tissues (because they pop up for easy grabbing) 

  12. Margarita salt or table salt 

  13. Spray bottle (I use a push button top, old Windex bottle.  You can usually get these at small convenience gas stations.)

  14. Reference photos of your choice of subject. 

  15. Pebeo porcelain outliner tubes.  My favorite color is gold.  (This is gold paint that is raised when applied.  It usually is for painting on glass.  These are available through Cheap Joes Art supply catalog or at Micheals Art Supply Store.) 

  16. Masking tape.


Optional items:

  1. Blow dryer (optional) 

  2. Non- stretch Gauze (optional)

  3. (Optional). Bring whatever acrylic metallic paints that you have.  My favorite is Lumiere metallic acrylic paints.  I use both copper and gold. 

  4. Optional:  Gold reactive foil (12” rolls available at Hobby Lobby)  I use this instead of gold leaf.  It’s easier.  :). You can also order gold foil paper from

  5. Optional:  Double stick tape that is available in the craft section of Michaels.  I use a big one that is used for framing purposes, but a small one will work just fine. I use this to attach the gold foil paper.

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