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Painting People the Easy Way! (watercolor workshop)
Location: Yakima, Washington
Dates: September 9 and 10, 2016 (Friday and Saturday)
Hours: 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Nancy Klapmeier

Karen Knutson is back to Yakima by popular demand!   Karen will teach her approach to painting people with abstract backgrounds. Students will use watercolor and Karen’s tips and tricks to produce groups of people the easy way.  Students will have no trouble with the drawing because Karen has some easy painting and design tips.  We will be using a non-permanent marker called the Elegant Writer calligraphy pen.  It’s great because is smears when it is wet.  As always, design and simplification will be discussed so that you will have outstanding paintings.  Finishing touches will bring an exciting element to your completed work.


Karen states:  “These paintings are meant to be fun loving and free.   No portrait painting here! We’ll paint outline shapes of people in the distance.  I kiddingly call these, “clothespin people”.  Remember the old fashioned wooden clothespins?  I think they look a little bit like that. This class will take the fear out of painting people!”


If you are interested, I would recommend registering RIGHT AWAY, because this one fills fast and space is limited. The cost is only $115 for the 2 Day workshop. 

Supply List

Download as PDF:



SUPPLY LIST  for Yakima Workshop:

  1. ½ sheet of Arches 140 pound cold press paper and a board to use for support. (We will probably be working on quarter sheets (11” x 15”), so bring a board about that size.  Use either gator board or I prefer a plywood board.)  Or watercolor blocks work well also.  I usually like to cut the paper to size each day, because I work on odd sized papers.  (If you are a fast painter, bring more paper.)

  2. #2  Pencil, eraser, and Sharpie fine point marker permanent marker

  3. Ruler, Sketch pad or notebook for taking notes, Tracing paper and Graphite paper

  4. Watercolor brushes (bring your favorites) I use 1” flat and ½ “flat, and a small (#6) round brush. 

  5. Water containers (old Cool Whip containers work great) bring 2.

  6. Masking tape- My favorite is Manco brand or Duck brand, which can be purchased at Fleet Farm or Walmart.

  7. Kleenex brand tissues (because they pop up for easy grabbing)

  8. Sponge or rag for wiping off your brushes.

  9. Margarita salt or table salt

  10. Spray bottle (I use a push button top, old Windex bottle or a bottle of Chloraseptic Spray,  that has been emptied out and replaced by water.)

  11. Blow dryer (optional)

  12. Watercolors:  Bring your palette filled with your usual colors, making sure that you let them dry in the palette for one or two days.  (The reason for this, is that I double load colors and if they are fresh out of the tube, you won’t be able to do this procedure.)  Because everyone always asks, my palette is as follows.  I use mainly transparent colors.  (Please do not feel that you must go out and buy these colors.  The most important 5 colors are listed first.) Aureolin yellow, permanent rose (or DaVinci red rose deep), cobalt blue, winsor green, alizarin crimson, neutral tint, antwerp blue,  French ultramarine blue, manganese blue, cerulean blue, quinacridone gold, burnt sienna, permanent magenta, winsor red, opera pink, and scarlet lake.

  13. Masking fluid My favorite is Pebeo Drawing Gum (available from Cheap Joe’s catalog)

  14. Palette knife (make sure that it can fit into the neck of the masking fluid bottle) (A plastic picnic knife works well for this too.)

  15. Camera (optional)- If you want to take photos of my demonstration in progress, that’s OK with me.

  16. Optional:  Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils (optional)-  I like the gunmetal color for sketching.  Also, I’ll be demonstrating how to get great shadows, using Derwent pencils.

  17. Elegant Writer calligraphy pen (water soluble) - I buy mine at Michaels Art Supply Store.

  18. Tracing paper

  19. Graphite paper (my favorite is Saral brand, available at most art supply stores)

  20. Bag Lunch (we take a short lunch break, so it’s beneficial to bring your lunch.)


If you like to add collage to your paintings, bring these: (I will probably be using only a minimum of collage, if at all.)

  1. Optional:  Acrylic Matte Medium and old brush (for applying it) and a plastic container with lid (for storing it.)

  2. Optional:  collage papers-bring whatever you have. I like repetitive designs like checks or stripes.

  3. Bring any books or articles that would be fun to share with the class.  We will look at them at lunch break.



Subject material-  You probably won’t need reference photos, but you may want to gather groups of people photos.  You won’t have to enlarge those, because they are pretty easy to sketch.  If you have questions about the supplies, my email is:









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